I am not Noah, nor the boy with his thumb in the dike, and I don`t even look like my avatar any more.

As a decades long computer guy and an old dreamer, who has had the priveledge to live over 50 years in this amazing era of ours.

I’m an armchair eco-warrior saddened by how much pain and devastation we can and do inflict on our environment and each other.

As a kid in the sixties, a teen in the seventies, and and adult since the eighties,  life continues to make me hopeful for the future, in the face of seemingly monumental challenges and dangers.

I watched the moon-landing live as a kid, and have been a trekkie ever since.

This era is a moment for our species, whether we adapt or drive our extinction.  Future man will know the importance of this age.

I offer my thoughts, observations and bits of things that I find interesting.

Check back now and then to see what`s new in the Age of Noah.

–  Aroh Wendelin